Carbon Reset

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Enjoy Life More

We are facing a climate crisis. It’s urgent that we reduce greenhouse gases now.

Yet, the problem feels so large and heavy that it is hard to take action. It seems like a lone person can’t make a difference, and will suffer if they try.

Carbon Reset is here to help. My name is Anna Paradox, and in 2016, I was despairing over the state of the climate. Since then, I have found steps to take that make a difference – and that make life better, too.

Carbon Reset offers a way forward. You’ll learn:

      • Some easy choices that make a big contribution
      • One-time actions that pay off for decades
      • Why it’s bad for the planet when you feel bad
      • How you can live richer while using less carbon
      • How to have more joy while saving the planet

I write from an outline. After my first round of writing, I had a brief, executive summary version. I’m writing my next round to bring you even more to make living a low-carbon life easier and happier. But I didn’t want to wait to share this with you!

So I am releasing the preview edition of Carbon Reset now – and it is my free gift to you.

Sign in below to receive a free copy of the Carbon Reset Preview edition, and start making a difference now. The climate can’t wait.